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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Flat Stanley Visits the Anderson's

My sweet, little nephew Jonah sent his Flat Stanely to visit me for a couple of months. We have several adventures planned for the colorful boy, but the first one we undertook was to Mansfield Missouri to visit Laura Ingall Wilder's home. The home where she lived while she wrote all of her books.

Here is a picture of Flat Stanley:

He is hanging out in a screen door on Mrs. Wilder's backporch. The folks at the museum would not let us take pictures inside, so we had to make due with what was available to us. Here is a picture of Flat Stanley on a tree stump that the Wilder family had planted about 1900:

As we got ready to leave, in our normal family tradition, we found the post office for this small town, and had Flat Stanely pose in front of it:

I purchased a book about the Ingall's journey to the Ozarks along with a map showing the trails that they took. I think Jonah liked this because he was studying Pioneer Families.

If the rain will hold out, Flat Stanley is going to get to go on a "Ozark Leaf-Peeking" trip this weekend...

Jonah, thank you so much for sharing your Flat Stanley with me.

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  1. Hi and than you for following my blog now! I read about the pepsi challenge for Boliver's Pepsi challenge on facebook. I Thanks for mentioning it again! I am going to post it on my blog to help out! You have a great blog about the Ozarks!